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The use of steel pipe 3PE -hebei shentian

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  PE steel pipes

  The use of steel pipe 3PE for lots of people only know one point without knowing the others. It plays a important role in a widely field. It is suitable for coal mine drainage, underground shotcrete, positive pressure ventilation, gas drainage, fire sprinkler pipe network. Process water waste residue and water return transportation pipeline in thermal power plant. For the sprinkler, sprinkler system, the water supply pipeline with excellent applicability. Cable protection sleeve for electric power, communication, highway, etc.. For high-rise building water supply, heating, gas supply, tap water engineering, underground water pipe etc.. Process pipeline for conveying corrosive medium in oil transportation pipeline, chemical industry and chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry. Sewage treatment discharge pipe, sewage pipe and biological tank corrosion protection engineering. Agricultural irrigation by pipe, a deep well pipe, drainage pipe network and so on, said steel pipe 3PE in current construction is essential, and believe that through the development of the technology. In the future, there will be more brilliant achievements.

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