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Pipe fittings tee are widely used

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  The scope of use is very wide, and the fields and industries that can be applied are also many, showing different values and roles in different fields. The pipe tee has good advantages and performance, has acid and alkali resistance and corrosiveness. It can be applied in industries with severe acid-base. It will not cause damage and corrosiveness, so the application scope will be more extensive.

  Processing method of pipe tee processing pipelines with different specifications; the special processing equipment, has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, manufacturing ANSI B16.9 Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting 3/4'' Equal Tee does not require the addition of the injection molding machine and injection mold, can reduce such fittings production cost, improve production efficiency.

  Mark on the pipe fittings tee place of the pipe and punch the mark. Special equipment: Pipe tee in pipe installed on the ejection device, the device comprises a metal rod, the top pressure regulator, commutator and bracket; the metal bar is heated, the jack and the metal rod ejection outward, wall material naturally turned outward is formed; then the tube segment length corresponding the specifications of the welding in the top three on the blank on the production of the final product.

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