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Surface treatment of blind flanges

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  The surface treatment of blind flange is a necessary process. No matter whether the customer requests, we usually apply a layer of rust preventive oil on the surface of the flange, so as to prevent the product from being corroded and destroyed. But in some cases, it is necessary to do some very special treatment to the surface of blind flanges. The blind flange gasket is relatively simple in production relative to the blind flange, because the A105 P250gh Carbon Steel Blind Flange gasket is relatively simple, because it does not need heavy equipment such as presses, nor does it need special fine process. But it needs to be explained that the blind flange gaskets must match the specifications of the blind flanges and the characteristics of the pipeline conveying media.

  The former is mainly the water line of blind flange, while the latter includes the temperature and pressure of the conveying medium and the frequency of pipeline maintenance. After these conditions are determined, flange gaskets can be produced. In addition, the blind flange gasket price because the product quality is different, for some small manufacturers, they produce gaskets in the quality and performance is relatively poor, so if the choice of quality assurance of the flange gasket you want, or to choose a professional manufacturers, especially metal gasket, more should be ordered from professional manufacturers. If the quality of the project is not high and the asbestos or rubber gasket is used, in order to save costs, of course, small manufacturers can be chosen, but there must be losses. In order to ensure the quality of the project, we should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

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