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Low carbon steel is a type of metal

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  Steel tube manufacture supply carbon steel seamless pipe,oil casing pipes,petroleum casing pipes,api 5l line pipes,boiler pipes,etc.

  Low carbon steel is a type of metal that has an alloying element made up of a relatively low amount of carbon. Typically, it has a carbon content that ranges between 0.05% and 0.30% and a manganese content that falls between 0.40 and 1.5%. Low carbon steel is one of the most common types of steel used for general purposes, in part because it is often less expensive than other types of steel. While the steel contains properties that work well in manufacturing a variety of goods, it is most frequently made into flat-rolled sheets or strips of steel.

  Carbon steel pipes are joined to each other in a non-oxidizing atmosphere by using an insert constituted by a Ni-base alloy or a Fe-base alloy having a melting point which is lower than 1200° C. and a thickness of 80 mm or smaller under conditions that the surface roughness. Rmax of the joined surfaces of the carbon steel pipes is 20 μm or smaller, the joining temperature is not lower than 1250° C. nor higher than 1330° C., duration at the joining temperature is 30 seconds or longer and the pressure is not lower than 2 MPa nor higher than 4 MPa. The expanding operation is performed such that the maximum difference in level of the joined portion is not larger than 25% of the carbon steel pipe and the expansion ratio is 25% or lower.

  Hebei shengtian pipe-fitting group Co., ltd is specialized in manufacturing and exporting a variety of stainless steel,carbon steel pipe fititngs such as pipe elbows, pipe tees, pipe reducers ,forged flanges ,pipe bend etc. We are standard and non-standard flange mamufacure.All kind of pipe fittings, flanges are according to the international standard to produce.Each product,the quality meet the international standard inspection technical standard. We warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our factory and seek common development.

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