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Alloy steel pipe bend

Product Name: Pipe Bend
Material: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel
Standard: According to DL/T515《power station Bend》,SY 5257《steel Bend》,or customer's techincal drawings
Bend Angle θ: Normally 15o、30o、45o、60o、90o、135、180o or at customer's option
Thickness/Pressure: T≤120mm

Technical Parameters   
According to DL/T515《power station Bend》,SY 5257《steel Bend》,or customer's techincal drawings
Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel
Bend Radius R
R≤6000mm and R≥3D
R≥3D(R=3D、4D、5D、6D、7D、8D、9D、10D) D:outside diameter
Bend Angle θ
Normally 15o、30o、45o、60o、90o、135180o or at customer's option
Length of Straight L
Normally between 300mm and 1500mm in length fo straight, It is at customer's option
Outside Diameter D
Wall Thickness T
End Bevel
According to welding bevel of butt welding fitting
Weight/kg=[0.0433(D-T)TRθ]/100000+L(Weight of Double Sides Straight Length)
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