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Characteristics of high pressure flange

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  1. Sealing mode: the core of the high-pressure self tightening flange is a unique new metal to metal sealing, that is, the sealing is formed by the elastic deformation of the sealing lip (T-Arm) of the sealing ring, which belongs to hard sealing; A strong rigid body is formed by the combination of the sleeve, ferrule and sealing ring, so that the strength of the connecting part is far greater than that of the base metal of the pipeline. When under pressure, the rib and lip play the role of strength and sealing respectively, which can not only self tighten and seal, but also reinforce the pipeline, greatly enhancing the overall strength of the connecting parts

  2. Tensile property: in most cases, the high-pressure self tightening flange in the connection can bear tensile load better than the pipe itself; The destructive test shows that the flange is still intact without leakage after the pipeline fails to bear the tensile load.

  3. Bending resistance: a large number of tests show that the flange will not leak or loosen when it bears large bending load. Actual tests: the high-pressure self tightening flange of DN15 specification is welded on the pipe and subjected to multiple cold bends. The connection of the high-pressure self tightening flange will not leak and the bolts will not loosen.

  4. Compression resistance: in normal pipeline application, high pressure self tightening flange will not bear overload compression; When higher compression loads occur, the maximum load on the high-pressure self tightening flange is determined by the ultimate strength of the pipeline.

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