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The polishing process of stainless steel pipe cap manufacturer

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  In the process of producing pipe cap, the intermediate polishing is to further process the rough polishing surface with a hard polishing wheel set. It can remove the scratches left during rough polishing and produce a smooth to medium bright surface. The surface roughness is between a few microns to several microns

  Rough polishing is to grind, polish or grind the head surface with hard wheels, so rough polishing is also called grinding or polishing. It is mainly used to remove the burr, scratch, rust mark, oxide scale, sand hole, bubble, weld bead, welding slag and various macro defects on the surface of parts, so as to improve the surface smoothness of pipe cap and reduce the surface roughness.

  Finish polishing is the next process of stainless steel pipe cap polishing. It is a method to process the surface of parts with soft wheels coated with polishing paste. Because it is carried out on a relatively flat surface, the surface roughness can be further reduced to achieve the purpose of micro leveling, so a very bright surface can be obtained. Moreover, when the cap is polished, there is no obvious wear on the substrate, and the surface roughness can reach about 0.01 μ m, which can truly achieve the mirror brightness.

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