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How to prevent decarbonization of galvanized pipe surface?

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  Galvanized pipe are high-quality steel products, using leading scientific skills to produce standard and thorough products, but also for many new and old customers in society, according to the needs of customers to customize different types of galvanized pipe. Galvanized pipes are widely used, such as large-scale lifting machinery manufacturing, large-scale conference and exhibition hall roof layout, shelves for storage of goods, also used in large venues and so on. Q195 Galvanized Pipe for Construction production for all aspects of social effectiveness, quality and quantity.

  With the development of industrial skills, galvanizing skills have become an upsurge. Galvanized pipes are the analogy of galvanizing skills. Galvanizing technology is to cover the surface of steel with thick and fine pure zinc layer, which can prevent the contact between steel and corrosion solution, and protect the steel matrix from corrosion. Galvanizing, also known as dipping galvanizing, is different from galvanizing. Galvanizing technology. Hot dipping galvanizing is a very good coating method for protecting iron and steel matrix. In liquid zinc, after physical and chemical disposal, the steel workpiece may be disposed of in molten zinc at a higher temperature. The steel matrix reacts with the liquid zinc, and the pure zinc layer covers the whole surface of the steel workpiece. The galvanized surface has a certain tolerance, can withstand a lot of resistance and impact, and has excellent contact with the matrix. This method not only has the corrosion resistance of galvanizing, but also has the strong corrosion resistance of galvanizing. Therefore, the plating grid is used in various strong acid, alkali mist and other corrosive environments.

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