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carbon Rolling flange is made from plates

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  Carbon rolling flange is made from plates. The plate cut into strips, then rolled into round ,welding interface after the flattening process technology to carry on the processing. Roll flanges have two types: cold and hot . After processing into a circle, and then processing line, bolt hole, stop etc.. This is generally a large flange, a maximum of 7 meters can be achieved. The welding plate flange are connection for welding. If the production process of segment production, can be 12 meters 15 meters or more specifications. This kind of flange has a good quality assurance. Because the raw material is the medium plate, the density is good. The welding process of rolling flange interface is the priority among priorities, to make X light or ultrasonic inspection film processing. Interface to do a good job, the entire flange material is no problem. Relatively speaking, thin thickness, light weight, products of the narrow unilateral, sealing groove processing the product price is high, and some thick, heavy weight, no rolling flange very tedious process of price should be lower.

  When the bolt hole is processed, the bolt hole is not allowed to be welded. Such flanges are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.. Can now be produced to 7 meters of the product. 3 meters above the volume of the flange in the signing of the contract, we must first take into account the issue of transport. Because the highway overpass is the limit of 4.5 meters high. While the transport vehicle carriage height is about 1.5 meters, plus the flange height, which will be ultra high. So Super wide flanges have to be applied to the local traffic management department to apply for large transport. However, large transport costs are too high, or the proposed section production, to install on the sport.

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