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What are the main technical characteristics of welded pipe processing

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  With the rapid development of high-quality strip rolling production and progress of welding and testing technology, and constantly improve the weld quality, varieties and specifications of welded steel pipe isincreasing, and instead of the seamless steel pipe in more and more fields. ERW production has the advantages of simple process, high production efficiency, low cost, rapid development. Spiral welded pipe ERW pipe strength than high, with a narrow billet production of large diameter pipe, can also use the same width of the billet production of different pipe diameters. But with the same length of straight pipe, weld length of 30~100%, and the production rate is low.

  My company has the advanced production equipment and various testing equipment, the production equipment including size each lathe, forging bed, to enlarge the hole machine etc, testing equipment and testing room Germany import spectrometer, laboratory. The products of the company according to gb, Japanese standard, Germany standard, American standard, British standard standard production, etc. Special specification according to customer requirements, annual production capacity, produce steel flange , carbon steel pipe fitting, steel elbow, stainless steel Angle steel, flat steel, the distant two thousand tons. It may be said in the industry manufacturers.

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