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ASTM A252 Applications and ERW pipe price

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  The company specializes in producing ASTM A252, erw steel pipe and ERW pipe of large enterprises, to produce a single slit Φ245mm-1200mm, double seam steel 2200mm, multi-seam steel 3620mm, wall thickness of 6mm-60mm variety of materials of various standards of straight seam buried Arc welding pipe. Based on a single plate as raw material, steel pressed in a mold or a molding machine (roll) into a tube, using double-sided submerged arc welding methods and flaring from production. Its wide range of product specifications, weld toughness, ductility, good uniformity and dense, with a large diameter, wall thickness, high pressure, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages. When the construction of high-strength, high toughness, high-quality long-distance oil and gas pipelines, most of the required large diameter seamless steel pipe LSAW pipe. According to API standards, in large oil and gas pipelines, when through the alpine zone, submarine, densely populated urban areas such as Class 1, Class 2 areas, ASTM A252 is applied specifically to the tube. ASTM A252, erw steel pipe and ERW pipe products used in petroleum, natural gas, city gas, pipeline, chemical, power, irrigation, steel grid, water, gas transport, heat, water, steam heating hydropower penstock, firepower electricity, water and other long-distance pipelines and piling, bridges, all kinds of pressure pipelines, steel and other fields of engineering. This product uses the SY / T5037-2000, GB / T9711.1-1997 standards and APISpec5L standards.

  Hebei shengtian pipe-fitting group Co., ltd is specialized in manufacturing and exporting forged flanges and Carbon steel pipe fittings. In additation to the standard products mentioned above, we are also able to make non-standard, special-designed items according to customers’ requirement. Should any of the items be of your interests, please do not hesitate to contact us for latest information.

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